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Parts Info

All our parts are fully compatible with Meccano 

New Painted parts are made by Metallus in Germany, most are replicas of Meccano parts, but a few are Marklin style parts which you will find very useful. Our secondhand parts Meccano parts are mostly in quite good condition and we try to describe them accurately, some may be Meccano France.

Brass parts most of our Brass parts are made by us in the UK.  As well as replica Meccano parts, we have designed new parts to complement the Meccano system with the advanced Meccano modeler in mind, we make most parts with Meccano threads but many parts are also available with m 4 metric threads to use with Metallus/Marklin parts.

Axles All our axles are made from Stainless steel, these are rust proof, straight and tougher in use than mild steel axles, all  axles are finished with nicely rounded ends exactly the same as Meccano axles.

Large Axles (5/16") these are also made from Stainless steel, all are straight with nicely machined ends.

We carry a good stock of standard and large axle stainless steel rod and can make you any quantity and any special size you require up to 18" in length 

Delrin Gears  mesh perfectly with Meccano spur gears and pinions, the Delrin gear system enables you to make gear trains and gearboxes which are more compact and quieter running. Gear discs made from Delrin industrial plastic are tough and durable, the discs are a tight push fit onto Brass Bosses with flats for location.
The brass bosses come in various lengths enabling you to stack the gear discs in gang to form pinnions, you can also mix gear sizes on the same boss to make up more complex Gear Trains.
The gears discs are 2mm thick so if you need a 6mm long pinion you simply fit 3 gear discs onto a 6mm long boss. The teeth are self indexing when stacked together in gang.
There is also the option to use sliding bosses which are more compact and can enable you to have a sliding gear or gang to mesh between a driving and a driven shaft.

Bush Roller Chain  38" long, 6mm pitch, 7.5mm wide, 4mm dia rollers
This chain is a perfect miniature of an industrial Roller Chain, it is easy to use and looks great on models.
Please note the split link (chainlock) is neccessary to join this chain
This chain is not compatible with Meccano Sprokets 

Nut and Bolts These are M 4 Metric threads and cannot be used together with Meccano Nuts and Bolts or on parts with Meccano threads, Meccano threads are 5/32" BSW

The Brass Nuts & Bolts are solid brass, the bolts are  slotted cheeseheads and the nuts are hex 7mm across the flats. These Nuts & Bolts look great on Meccano Models and are economical alternative to Meccano nuts and bolts, nuts and bolt are also available in Stainless steel, also at very competitive prices.

Delrin Gears
Nuts & Bolts
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